Dream Cars that Will Soon Retire


While some cars seem to live forever, others suffer from competition races and fall to oblivion. Unfortunately, this fate sometimes hits even models beloved by many. Every manufacturer has different reasons for discontinuing their products: new market conditions, a change in the course of the brand, or banal savings. In any case, some very cool vehicles will soon retire, and it will be impossible to buy them new. Fortunately, experts from the Indy Auto Man used car dealership are sure that models from this list will hardly even vanish from the US market and will be frequent guests in their used car stock.  

Dodge Challenger

Alas, the landmark Challenger will end its gasoline path, turning into an electric car. In March, Dodge unveiled a farewell modification of the Challenger SRT Demon 170, which during the teaser campaign, was called Last Call. The limited novelty has become the most powerful and fastest Challenger in history. This is a drag car allowed on public roads.

The Challenger SRT Demon 170 has a thoroughly modified 6.2-liter engine, a reinforced transmission, and specially prepared mixed tires. On E85 fuel, it develops up to 1039 hp (1280 Nm) and can cover the traditional drag distance in 8.91 seconds. Because of this speed, coupe owners who want to compete in the US will have to buy a brake chute.

Kia Stinger

The Stinger liftback, whimsical by strict Kia standards, did not become an affordable rival to the Audi A7 and Porsche Panamera, but greatly expanded the range of cars offered by the Korean brand. And it’s not about the design, which became a reason for discussion, but about the rear-wheel drive chassis, which allowed the driver to feel almost like a BMW pilot without overpaying for the brand.

The non-format model appeared in 2017, and in 2020 a major update arrived with new engines and a slightly changed appearance. At the top of the lineup is a 373-horsepower biturbo-V6 with a new exhaust, all-wheel drive, and a self-locking differential on the rear axle. However, restyling failed to raise the dive sales of the Stinger recorded in the second year.

In early March, a beautiful video with a pinch of sadness appeared on the Web. In it, the Stinger leaving the assembly line in the final version of the Tribute transfers authority to the EV6 GT electric car, which Kia is betting on. By the end of the video, both cars – the outgoing and the new one – arrange a beautiful race around the track. In short, goodbye, Stinger!

Audi TT

Bright cars of the Volkswagen concern began to be written off to the archive several years ago. So, in 2019, the revived Beetle, which survived the generational change, fell under the optimization rink. Later, the Germans abandoned the hot Up! GTI – an interesting ultra-compact lighter. And right now, the last honors are given to the Audi TT coupe, the first generation of which debuted back in 1998.

Judging by the available input, the model will not receive a full-fledged successor. Previously, there were only rumors about the electric version of the coupe, which means that a compact two-door with four rings on the grill, a sloping roof, and a powerful internal combustion engine under the hood is turning into history. The farewell version of the Final Edition is two-liter engines (197–320 hp, depending on the version), two bodies (coupe or roadster) in three colors, and a mournful black exterior decor with the obligatory addition of leather in the cabin.

Curiously, it will be possible to order the TT of the final batch only in the UK, where the model is especially appreciated.

Jaguar F-Type

Unlike the two-door Aston Martin, for which they are preparing a hybrid, the loud and snooty Jaguar coupe will not have an heir. Last fall, the company announced the final version of the F-Type called 75. In honor of the sports Jaguars’ anniversary, the end-of-life model received a redesigned suspension, added stylish touches, and a new Giola Green color.

Customers can buy a model in three versions: with a 300-horsepower four-liter engine or a five-liter V8 for 450 or 575 horsepower. The start of sales was scheduled for January, but the official model configurator still allows selecting the body type and power plant option for the anniversary version.

And while some people are ready to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on rare editions of their favorite models, true connoisseurs are browsing used car stocks to grab the best versions of these vehicles before the prices go up. 


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