Significance of Strictly Following the Schedule of Changing the Car Motor Oil

When you drive home a new car, we can pretty well guess the excitement of the moment that deserves a grand celebration. Not only the presence of it brings you the joy of a precious asset, but it also offers the scope to create innumerable memories with your family and friends, while easing put your daily commutes.

But to maintain the same level of happiness for the coming years and ensure that the workhorse does not turn into a heavy liability shortly, you need to take good care of your car, all along. But there’s nothing for you to be anxious about. Your car will guide you on the best way, and how to maintain it at the top-notch level. All you have to do is to follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer through the user manual, and do not skip or postpone the dates, that are prescribed for the major preventive maintenance services, like the oil change. If you ask the team of mechanics serving at the center for Cottonwood oil change, they will explain the reasons in detail.

Dates are Important

A car that you drive every day, moves based on different parts that work in tune with each other. Damage or dysfunctionality to any of its parts will automatically start affecting the others, henceforth bringing down the performance level of your car, as well as its fuel efficiency. As a result, driving your car will become more of a headache than a breeze. The only way to prevent this from happening is to strictly follow the dates as scheduled by the manufacturer for the specific maintenance services.

What Can Go Wrong?

When you skip the schedule for an upcoming oil-changing session, it might not appear to be anything as threatening, but in reality, it is the beginning of trouble you are inviting for your car. The motor oil that plays an important role in making the car engine work properly needs to be changed at a particular interval since it starts getting thoroughly contaminated after a certain period. The debris and dirt that get accumulated in it stop it from flowing smoothly. As a result, the engine heats up in lesser time, affecting its performing abilities.

The oil filter which is also prescribed to be changed along with the motor oil loses its ability to keep the oil pure, after a certain period. This is the date mentioned in your car user manual, which indicates your car engine oil being exposed to dirt and getting contaminated.

Postponing the schedule for the changing of motor oil automatically increases the probability that you can snooze the alarm buttons again and will ignore the need to change the oil and its filter in time. As rightly pointed out by the mechanics who offer Cottonwood oil change service, this will be the first stage for exposing your new car engine to the damages and allowing the engine to get damaged successively.

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