RV Awning Lock — Why I’d Like One?

Some RVers have no idea a little problem waiting for them.

Here’s the issue: While driving lower the street, the material across the RV awning comes unfurled and can break the material, the awning support pieces, combined with the coach. This involves your immediate attention, whether it is convenient to meet your requirements regarding time or location.

Only a few RVer may have this experience. I had been speaking to Wilson Forbes, President of Loess Hillsides Innovations who makes all the RV Awning Travel Lock, lately anf the husband believed that 1 in 5 RVers might have the issue a number of occasions within their occasions of RVing. I’ve no data that to refute that figure and it also appears reasonable.

Knowing you’ll be among the four who’ll not contain the problem, you’ll be able to skip the remainder of this information, as it will be of no help you. But within lies an issue we don’t know as the victim in the lost awning event.

Personally, i will not placed on negative things, however in this case this is the content. The only real reason you will want an awning secure your RV should be to lessen the chance the awning may come unfurled on a journey because of that will come chaos, delay, expense, and frustration.

Let us consider the main reason in a bit more detail.


If you become mindful of you’ve lost your awning, the marriage will probably be throughout, because once it progresses a lot that certain notices it the marriage will most likely maintain another or maybe more. Then, wherever you’re–quiet mountain road or busy freeway–you’ll have to stop and cleanup the mess.

Including coping with the awning canopy, that may or might not be effectively. It could have this unique rip there and become wrapped around other products from the awning structure. You might never tell what you need to find.

The arms might be bent and hanging in a single attach fixture instead of two. Within the worst situation, you will have to keep these things removed the coach. You may secure them aside from the coach for travelling, don’t bet about this.

Most of the attach fittings might be ripped, any partly, within your body in the rig. Not pretty, however, you might leave them since they are, temporarily.


If you are an entire-time RVer and outdated, you may absorb delays without any impact on your schedule as is available no schedule! What in case you have just finished a Workamping experience and were round the rather tight schedule which makes it for that favorite granddaughters wedding? A substantial delay wouldn’t set well along with other family people, wouldn’t it!

Or what for anybody who’s round the two-week vacation out of your job together with it scheduled filled with sites to discover with the family within our beautiful Off-shore Northwest?

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