Excellent Tips for Teen Driving Safety

Driving safety tips for teens is essential to know, but some of the more important ones are often the simplest and sometimes overlooked. Most people know that drinking while driving is never a good idea, whether you’re a novice or experienced driver. But there are a few other reminders to pass on to family and friends.

Here are some of the best driving safety tips for teens:

Parent contracts. The simplest and easiest thing to do to keep teens safe is to get a parent-teen driver’s contract or a logbook. It can be as simple as a set of pros and cons for parents and teens, along with the consequences if the teenager violates any of the terms of the agreement. A logbook helps restrict vehicle access and keep track of usage and your teen’s responsibility for driving and caring. Research shows that when teens don’t have unlimited access to their car, they take better care of it, get into fewer accidents, and get fewer tickets. A log book can be as simple as having a teenager record departure and arrival times if the vehicle is to be used.

Don’t Be the chauffeur. Teens shouldn’t be the personal drivers of their friends. Just because a teenager knows how to drive doesn’t mean they can handle the distraction and responsibility of their passengers. More passengers mean more variables to ignore while driving. Many states have enacted laws prohibiting learner permit holders from carrying passengers under 21 and limiting the number of passengers for new drivers.

Learn at a traffic school, not driving. Defensive driving courses and driver education at a traffic school are designed to provide a supervised environment where new drivers can hone their skills and learn safe driving strategies. Busy streets are not meant to be taught safe driving on the fly: traffic school is intended to be.

Safety belt. Teach your teen driver to practice fastening their seat belts before you even start the car. As a driver, it keeps you behind the wheel and in control of the vehicle, which can help you respond to other aggravating situations in the event of an accident. For the passenger, wearing a seat belt protects their body from being thrown out of the vehicle, colliding with the car’s interior or other passengers, and reducing internal violent injury to their organs. Developing a consistent habit of buckling up before starting the engine will go a long way toward ensuring your Teen Driver Safety and avoiding punishment.

Mobile application for distracted driving. Most distracted driving mobile apps are designed to turn off the features of a mobile phone when it is in motion. It is a great way to avoid the temptation to answer a call or send a text while driving. Another feature of these apps is that they flag unsafe locations via the Global Positioning System (GPS), allowing parents to be notified if their teen is in those locations.

At the end

Car crashes are teenagers’ leading cause of death, so raising awareness about vehicle safety is a priority.

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