3 Money-Saving Tips For Getting A Vehicle From A Car Rental Company In Singapore

Singapore is a humble city-state with a size of 728.6 km². Due to its limited land area, Singapore’s authorities limit private vehicle usage and purchase to keep its roads congestion-free. Compared to its neighbouring countries, Lion City has a modest car ownership rate that currently stands at a meagre 11%. Fortunately, residents like you can rely on the efficiency of public transport vehicles and the reliability of almost every car rental company in Singapore.

If you have not heard of what a vehicle rental company is, it is an establishment that allows individuals to ‘borrow’ cars for a specified period at an economical price. Their services have become a popular transportation option in the country due to their convenience, safety, privacy, and efficiency. Unlike riding buses, taxis, and trains, renting a car will allow you to reach your destination without making unnecessary stops. You also do not need to transfer from one bus or train to another to arrive at your target place.

Moreover, getting a ride from a vehicle rental company will allow you to enjoy your privacy as you travel from one point to another. Driving a car will help you avoid uncomfortable looks and interactions with strangers, which can lead to distressing situations. Additionally, being in a private vehicle will let you and your family, friends, or colleagues stick together as you take your trip to the other end of the island. By choosing to ‘borrow’ a vehicle from a car rental company, you can begin bonding with your travel companions as soon as you step into your ride.


How To Save Money On Your Car Rental

Anyone who has travelled knows how trips—whether it is for business or pleasure—can be expensive. Even if you are going to the other side of a country as small as Singapore, going to a different place away from your home will cost money. You will have to dedicate funds for food, accommodation, and leisure if you plan to participate in fun activities during your trip. You may even have to save up for souvenirs and gifts you plan to give your loved ones once you return. Fortunately, you can lessen your transportation costs by getting a car at a vehicle rental company.

While it is true that getting a private or commercial vehicle from a Singapore rental company will still cost you money, doing so can be cheaper than using the public transport system—especially if you will be travelling to a remote location. Renting a car is also more convenient and practical than purchasing an automobile that you will only use during trips. Thanks to the costs you saved from ‘borrowing’ a vehicle, you can spend more on food, beverages, hotels, amenities, and souvenirs.

To help you save money and get the best deals from your chosen car rental company, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1.  Avoid Last-Minute Bookings

Like late bookings on flights and hotels, last-minute private or commercial vehicle rentals are more expensive than pre-scheduled leases. Dealerships and rental companies increase their prices for last-second bookings to make up for their efforts in finding you the best deals on such short notice. They may also hike their prices due to the scarcity of available rentals on your trip’s date.

Unless you are going on an unexpected trip, schedule your rental as early as possible to avoid settling hefty fees. Weeks or even months before your vacation, conference, meeting, or ocular visit, head to your chosen vehicle rental company and book your ride. If you wish to save even more money, opt for establishments offering free cancellations if you ever have to call off or reschedule your trip.

2.  Do A Thorough Car Inspection

Every car rental company in Singapore will charge you for any damage their vehicle gets during your usage. If you scratched its paint off or dented one of its doors, you will need to settle additional charges to cover the car’s repair expenses.

However, some establishments offering rental or buy and sell vehicles can be cheeky. They may let you lease a car that already has dents, scratches, and chips and blame you for causing them once you return the automobile to their lot. If you did not know that these signs of damage existed before ‘borrowing’ their vehicles, you would need to pay expensive fees to repair them.

To avoid this suspicious encounter, carefully inspect your chosen rental commercial or private vehicle before driving it off the establishment’s lot. You can also take photos of any scratch or dent you find to be your proof or evidence of existing car damage before you take it on your trip.

3.  Avoid Unnecessary Upgrades And Add-Ons

Employees of every vehicle rental company in the city-state receive training on sales talk to convince customers like you to opt for their more expensive services. If you choose to lease a sedan or coupe from their establishment, they may ask you to upgrade to a van or SUV to have more storage space and to ensure your comfort throughout your trip. It can be tempting to believe them and leave their rental company with an SUV, but avoid doing so if a smaller vehicle type is more than enough to accompany you during your travels.

Moreover, some establishments offer add-ons like GPS devices, child car seats or boosters, and Wi-Fi. If you think these extras will make your trip easier, consider buying them from a nearby shopping centre to save money. Every car rental company in Singapore that offers them adds extra costs to these items to make their services more profitable.

Ensure A Smooth-Sailing Trip With The Best Car Rental Company In Singapore!

Trips can be exhilarating and challenging at the same time. Leaving home to see new sights, taste different dishes, and meet interesting people is an exciting endeavour—as long as you encounter as few mishaps as possible. Fortunately, getting a car from a vehicle rental company can help you guarantee a stress-free time during your vacation or business conference, allowing you to focus on bonding with your friends, family, and colleagues or seal a crucial deal for your enterprise.

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