Car AC Issues Guide

When you start your car on a day where the outside temperature is nearing 100 degrees, the engine automatically heats up and continues to circulate hot air around the vehicle. Additionally, it is challenging to locate a service center or a technician in the middle of what seems to be the middle of nowhere.

If you’ve been planning a weekend getaway for a while, experts can assure you that nothing will be more of a letdown than this. Therefore, it’s essential to be aware of the potential causes of problems with Car air conditioning not cooling (แอร์ รถ ไม่ เย็น, which is the term in Thai). So, to help you get a better understanding of why your car’s air conditioning isn’t doing its job, here are some potential causes:

Staleness And Mildew Build-Up

When we leave the air conditioning on for extended periods in our cars, tiny microorganisms can grow and clog the vents. These microorganisms can block the air conditioner’s vent, disrupting the cooling process. If this happens, the vents won’t function no matter what. This could be one of the issues preventing your air conditioner from effectively cooling the car’s interior.

One such risk can be avoided if regular maintenance on the vehicle is performed, preferably every five to six months. By clearing the AC duct regularly, you may prevent the spread of dust and other allergens and germs like mold and bacteria. It’s not just a sanitary fix; it’s also a clever strategy for prolonging the life of your car’s air conditioner.

How Cold Is The Car’s Air Conditioning?

It may happen that your car air conditioning not cooling because of unforeseen reasons, including an unplanned short circuit in the electrical unit. Perhaps electrical problems are causing this. These days, it’s a standard feature in most high-capacity automobiles. Wires can overheat and cause a short circuit if you live in an area where the average summer temperature is above 45 degrees.

The car owner can do brilliant repair work to avoid this problem. Examine the spot where you shot the wire, tape it off so that electricity can’t get through, and then connect the two ends using the connecting wire. Alternately, you can take the vehicle to a certified auto repair shop for the repairs to be done. If your auto insurance policy has this type of coverage, you can kick back and relax while the pros handle the situation.

Another reason the Car air conditioning not cooling is if the refrigerant leaks out. The refrigerant produces the cool air inside your car. Vehicle air conditioning failure is typically attributable to refrigerant leakage.