Looking to obtain a driver’s license for a Motorcycle in the United Arab Emirates?

For many people, riding a motorcycle and enjoying the freedom and rebellious attitude of the open road is the stuff of dreams. While riding a dirt bike or participating in motorcycle sports in the desert is legal without the need for a license, it makes sense to think about getting one to provide you with the information you have to ride safely, particularly if, such as us, you get rider’s thrill and would like to ride constantly.

An instruction manual for obtaining a motorbike uae driving license in Dubai is provided below:

  • Step 1: Visit a driving school 

On a Saturday, it’s best to arrive early, around 8 am, when it’s less crowded. Bring your Emirates ID, passport, visa, and current Dubai driver’s license with you. Some residents would also need a No Objection Letter that has been stamped and signed. You’ll need to present these documents and money at the counter. The license, which cost roughly 4,690 Dirhams comprised all the necessary paperwork, lectures, a theory test, practical instruction (taught every Friday and Saturday for two hours each day), and the test itself. Before taking their practical test, most students must undergo around 15 hours of practical training. Additionally, you must do an eye exam there, which you can accomplish on the same day. After completing this, you will receive a learner’s permit.

  • Step 2: Attend lectures for 8 hours

Everyone is required to attend eight-hour lectures at any Driving School before they are allowed to ride a bike. You’ll be given a list of lecture times so you can select the ones that work best for you. Your instructor will sign and date your learner’s permit as evidence of attendance after each lecture. Students will then have 1 week to complete and pass your theoretical test after finishing the courses.

  • Step 3: Attend the theory exam

There are 40 questions on the theory test. You must correctly answer 30 questions or more to pass. The test will last 45 minutes for you to finish. You can book your practical classes once you pass.

  • Step 4: 15 hrs of practical instruction

In ‘The Yard,’ a secure outdoor space, most of the Driving Schools offer training. You’ll discover where everything is on the bike during your first class (fuel switch, key, headlight, indicators, horn, etc). Then, while keeping your gaze forward, you’ll need to locate these on command. Following that, you will be led through levels 1, 2, and 3 of practical instruction, which entails riding around The Yard along a predetermined course that passes through cones, practicing emergency braking, indicating, turning, and moving slowly. After approximately 12 hours of driving instruction, you’ll be prepared to drive on UAE roads. Heavy-duty ankle boots, a shirt with a full sleeve, and full-length pants are required for students. You must have knee and elbow protectors in addition to headgear with a visor.

  • Step 5: Passing the tests at the Driving School

You must pass the driving center’s internal evaluation, which includes both an on-the-road and a yard component before they will let you sign up for such an official RTA exam.

  • Step 6: Ace the RTA exams

If you clear the internal exams, the driving school will schedule two RTA tests for you. One more on the street and one in the yard. You will be qualified to operate a motorbike in Dubai and get a motorcycle license dubai if you pass. If you don’t pass, you’ll have to schedule another test. If you fail five times, you will have to take additional classes before you may retake the RTA test.

You can finish the procedure in just about two months if you attend lessons every weekend and ace all of your exams.

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