08 Jul

EZE Brake Bleeder Kit

EZE Brake Bleeder – The modern motorcycle is almost exclusively manufactured and sold with hydraulic disc brakes by marques in all markets of the world. It is a common brake system in widespread use for the last three decades; if you have ridden more than one bike made during that time, you have experienced at least a few of the many types, configurations and the – more important – different feel of systems on different motorcycles. Even so, one thing they definitely all have in common is the need for regular servicing. With ABS systems, it is often advisable to only have it serviced by someone who has plenty of experience doing so. But, on the more common non-ABS and non-linked systems, taking care of this yourself is actually rather easy, if a bit messy. The EZE Brake Bleeder Kit can actually make this process a simple affair, but one where having a helper is ideal.

eze brake bleeder kit photo

The EZE Brake Bleeder does take some adjustment and proper preparation, so read the instructions carefully and ensure that you have good safety equipment. Brake fluid is highly corrosive and precaution should be used at all times when handling it; have a neutralizer/cleaner on hand in case some gets on anything important as it will eat paint and can pit many surfaces. Searching the Internet for tips on proper use of the tool is also a good idea as there are large numbers of motorcycle owners who do this task themselves regularly. Strategic use of aluminum foil, an absorbent floor cover, and simply using common sense will prevent any mishaps

Changing the brake fluid using the EZE Brake Bleeder tool will improve turnaround time between 25 and 50 percent, easily. Its system is unique in that it pushes the new brake fluid from the caliper back through the system up to the reservoir. It is a push-then-remove system which does seem to improve the overall efficiency of the process. In fact, in use it has not yet failed to do as it is advertised and leaves the brake’s hydraulics clean and ready for use/abuse again. After going through the procedure once or twice, it will become even quicker and smoother using the EZE tool.

The unit retails for less than US$25 online, or check at your local motorcycle dealer for their pricing and availability. Changing brake fluid should be a yearly process as that extremely hydroscopic fluid can go bad very quickly. Doing this at home is simplified when you make use of the EZE Brake Bleeder Kit