28 Jul

Motorcycle First Aid Course Launched

A Motorcycle First Aid Course has been launched by Jalee First Aid Training covering situations and first aid items that may be more relevant for bikers. The course is targeted with helping you to assist in an incident that may have involved a motorcycle. We all hope to not be involved in an accident and also that we not be with another biker that is involved in an accident but this is not always in out control. This motorcycle first aid course covers the main areas that all bikers could benefit from knowing about from how to remove a motorcycle helmet in an emergency situation (as we know the default rule is do not remove a helmet and wait for the professionals) but if the rider

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08 May

Motorcycle Helmet Fitting Guide

Motorcycle Helment Fitting Guide Information – Riding a motorcycle is inherently dangerous, this is a fact that we all admit eventually. Wearing a motorcycle helmet is a way to increase the odds of survival should you have a close encounter with something a little harder then you would like! However, some have said – and many who have are experts in the field – that an ill-fitting helmet can be an additional danger to your health as it could fail to adequately protect your head should you come in contact with an obstacle. If you are in the market for a new lid, or you are merely buying another one since you can never have too many, it might be helpful to take some things into consideration before you make the purchase. Getting the fit right can turn wearing a helmet into

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02 May

Speed Cameras How Many Work Is The Question

speed camera photoSpeed Cameras and their effectiveness have been for a long time a rather contensious issue with many not liking them and most admitting that they believe the real ideas behind them is not so much to reduce speed but more along the lines of creating revenue. I would imagine this was part of the logic why they suddenly became safety cameras rather then speed cameras, but if that was the case why did drivers not get safety tickets?

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07 Apr

Motorbikes To Get Safe Driving Aids

Motorbikes to get safe driving aids was the title of an article that I saw on the BBC News website today. It was with fascination therefore that I desperately clicked on the article to see what wonderful plans there were for us now to help us dangerous bad drivers from killing ourselves. Motorbikes by their very nature are more dangerous than cars (hope you were aware of that already!) and so some boffins have come up with some gadgetry

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01 Apr

All Motorbikes Should Have Crash Bungs Fitted

This is think is a bit of a no brainer for most bikers. We believe that at one time of another we have all had damage to a bike that may have been in the form of a crash or just one of the terrible moments when the bike falls over from the stand or because you just lose your balance.

Buying a set of crash bungs will generally set you back about £100 and it is one of those situations where many just say to themselves I don’t need these – that is until they do!! The. It is too late and you have just lost hundreds of pounds if not your bike! In my instance I was riding on a day when I shouldn’t have been really as there was ice around but I could not help myself with the love of riding. Leaving work and pulling out of the car park

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23 Feb

Motorcycle Crash Card Scheme

As bikers we all accept that in the event of an accident we are most likely to come off worse regardless really of the other vehicles (if any) that are involved in the accident with us. I have always been grateful and appreciative of ambulance workers as they work they do is truely extremely challenging but miracoulous in many ways and I think that should be recognised! In a bid from the South East Coast Ambulance service in conjunction with the Highways Agency they have launched a tool try and make their job easier and to help them help more bikers in the future.

The Motorcycle CRASH card scheme fundamentally a way to help paramedics to best help you as a biker. In the event that a biker is involved in an accident it is highly possible the biker may well

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