14 Aug

Touring in California on a Hayabusa

In a continuance of the desire to see some fantastic biker video we came across this video on You Tube the other day. Now, those that have read thsi blog a bit more often will know that we are big lovers of the USA, now this is not just for the riding HOWEVER there are some spectacular roads out there with amazing sceneray, large amounts of space and the ideal weather for a ride.

We thought therefore that we would add this video in for all you

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19 May

Motorcycle Tour Video Swiss Alps Grimsel Pass

Motorcycle Tour Video Swiss Alps – To continue with the video selection of holiday riders and their experiences whist on a biker a holiday here is a great ride through the Swiss Alps Grimsel Pass. Here is an example of a great riding route in Europe, offering some of the greatest twisty roads in Europe with the benefit that it is so easy to be able to get to. Go over to the Motorcycle Holidays section where you can find a motorcycle holiday company that can help you to go over and enjoy these rides.

Here is a great ride video that was filmed in the Summer of 2010 is shows some great twists, smooth roads

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06 May

Motorcycle Video Camera – Friend or Foe

Motorcycle Video Camera – Friend or Foe is the question today? With the speed of technological advancement seeming to be unlimited at the moment is now totally acceptable for any rider to have a helmet camera that offers a great picture and now even offering HD picture quality if you are willing to spend a few extra quid. There are some great examples where a camera can provide an idea of the great opportunities there are for bikers such as our videos of a lucky biker riding aroung the US and canada.

HOWEVER, most bikers sadly dont get the chance to use a motorcycle video camera to show the beautiful weather and scenery and so tend to where it for a fun ride out with friends and there are also those that where them so that if they were in an accident they would have video of the incident as that could well help you with getting back your costs!

Therefore a motorcycle video camera could be a great tool, however there can be downside. In the case of the 5 bikers that are in the process of being charged with causing the death of a fellow biker in the group by dangerous driving (coming to court 8th April) it is believed

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