12 Jul

Blinc M1 Bluetooth Headset Final Review

I have been trying out the Blinc M1 bluetooth headset in my helmet for the last couple of months and so wanted to give a final assesment of how it has been to live with for that time as there have been a few problems along the way.

The update to this review is that in the last month the bluetooth unit stopped working, this happened on a very wet day and on my ride to work the bluetooth was working, on my ride home it was not. After trying drying it and charging it there was still no joy – I therefore (a little tentatively) approached the supplier (thru ebay) to ask about getting the problem resolved. I was contacted back and was even phoned by Moto Hart (the importer) and asked to send it to them, within a week it had been returned back to me again. There was then a small problem with the headset cables where the connection of a wire came apart and so one earphone did not work, again I contacted the supplier, I was called again by Moto Hart and this time they just sent me a new headset!! In a previous review item about the Blinc M1 headset one of the problems I mentionned was the length of the wire for the headset, and this seems to have been resolved as the new headset had a much longer cable.

NOW – This offers the opportunity to say that the Blinc M1 Bluetooth Headset breaks. I made the point therefore of asking the seller of any problems that they have had with these units and he informed me this was the first of many Blinc M1 bluetooth headsets that he had had any problems with. I therefore and concentrating on the how well the problem was dealt with by Moto Hart!  When I have had problems in the past with items of any type there is always the thought that taking the item back is often not worth the effort but this did give us a new sign of faith that Moto Hart really did get it right and with no arguement that replaced the broken items.

So, I have been using this kit for over 2 months and I still have to say, especially for the price, that this is an excellent bluetooth item and would happily recommend it! If you have not had bluetooth before then this is a great item to try out as it show you many of the benefits of the bluetooth helmet kit for a GREAT price. If you are looking at bluetooth for a first time then rather than getting a £300 bluetooth helmet we would suggest getting a kit like this and try it out to see what you like and dont like about the technology. Available for about £80 this is steal!!!

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08 Jul

EZE Brake Bleeder Kit

EZE Brake Bleeder – The modern motorcycle is almost exclusively manufactured and sold with hydraulic disc brakes by marques in all markets of the world. It is a common brake system in widespread use for the last three decades; if you have ridden more than one bike made during that time, you have experienced at least a few of the many types, configurations and the – more important – different feel of systems on different motorcycles. Even so, one thing they definitely all have in common is the need for regular servicing. With ABS systems, it is often advisable to only have it serviced by someone who has plenty of experience doing so. But, on the more common non-ABS and non-linked systems, taking care of this yourself is actually rather easy, if a bit messy. The EZE Brake Bleeder Kit can actually make this process a simple affair, but one where having a helper is ideal.

eze brake bleeder kit photo

The EZE Brake Bleeder does take some adjustment and proper preparation, so read the instructions carefully and ensure that you have good safety equipment. Brake fluid is highly corrosive and precaution should be used at all times when handling it; have a neutralizer/cleaner on hand in case some gets on anything important as it will eat paint and can pit many surfaces. Searching the Internet for tips on proper use of the tool is also a good idea as there are large numbers of motorcycle owners who do this task themselves regularly. Strategic use of aluminum foil, an absorbent floor cover, and simply using common sense will prevent any mishaps

Changing the brake fluid using the EZE Brake Bleeder tool will improve turnaround time between 25 and 50 percent, easily. Its system is unique in that it pushes the new brake fluid from the caliper back through the system up to the reservoir. It is a push-then-remove system which does seem to improve the overall efficiency of the process. In fact, in use it has not yet failed to do as it is advertised and leaves the brake’s hydraulics clean and ready for use/abuse again. After going through the procedure once or twice, it will become even quicker and smoother using the EZE tool.

The unit retails for less than US$25 online, or check at your local motorcycle dealer for their pricing and availability. Changing brake fluid should be a yearly process as that extremely hydroscopic fluid can go bad very quickly. Doing this at home is simplified when you make use of the EZE Brake Bleeder Kit

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02 Jul

Motorcycle Camera – GoPro HD Motorsports HERO

Motorcycle Camera – Capturing video at speed on a motorcycle  or other fast-paced sport can be very tough without the right equipment. Since 2002, GoPro has been the leading supplier to turn to when looking for a do-it-all action-oriented video camera. The early models released by them impressed many and played to rave reviews. GoPro became an official camera for many a professional sports person in several very different sports. The new HD HERO 1080p from GoPro provides the new standard to which all others aspire in this segment and it is the central piece in the GoPro HD Motorsports HERO package. A motorcyclist who is looking for a way to record time in the saddle, whether it be racing or simply touring in some lovely back-country, cannot go wrong by using GoPro’s HD HERO.

 motorcycle camera photo

The HD HERO 1080p features HD (high-definition) video with several resolutions and frame rates to choose from encompassing everything from 1080p at 30 fps (frames per second) down to WVGA quality at 60 fps, though you will probably not use that last one. The HD quality is much better than one would expect from such a tiny package with sharp images and deep colors in well-lit and dim situations alike. The HD HERO will record up to 2.5 hours on a single charge – and you can purchase additional batteries – and can also be powered from the electrical system of any vehicle. That does give it the capability of having a run time based only on its storage capacity. GoPro states that it is possible to record about 8 hours of HD quality video on a 32GB SD memory card. The wide angled lens and fast acquisition speed of the camera keep vibration to a minimum providing smooth footage, especially when used at 60 fps. Audio is mono at 48 kHz, so it’s enough to capture the sounds of your bike at speed. An incredible video camera in a rather small and immensely durable package is an apt description for the GoPro HD HERO.

That failed to even mention the still image capabilities of the HD HERO; it is capable of shooting 5 megapixel images at two, five, ten, thirty and sixty second intervals or in three-photo-burst using a self-timer.

The Motorsports part of the nomenclature comes in with a large selection of mounting solutions for the HD HERO camera. First is the water-proof quick-release housing which protects the camera. Several flat and curved 3M â„¢ adhesive strips, two quick-release buckles, one suction-cup mount, and a three-way pivoting side-arm assembly are all shipped with the Motorsports kit, allowing a myriad of choice in the way you use the camera. For connectivity you will get one USB, one component video, and one composite video + audio cable. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery holds the juice and is easily small and light enough to allow you to carry one or more extra fully charged, just in case.

The GoPro HD Motorsports HERO can turn the average person into a videographer of their own incredible adventures. And, we all know that riding a motorcycle is an adventure we would like to remember forever.

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23 Jun

Viper Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet RS V121

Well, we had a great hope for this helmet, this is the Viper RS-V121 and I have heard great things and my expectations are not that high as an entry level price bluetooth helmet with always have some limitation and so with this in mind the review began.

The big pluses with a helmet like this is the ability to pair it with your iphone and therefore on a long ride you can accept phone calls with the push of a button or after 3 seconds the helmet will auto answer the call for you. This also means that you can play music on the iphone and hear it in the helmet without trailing cables of earphone through to the helmet and asking to get caught! The final thing is the ability to have 2 helmet and therefore be able to connect helmet to helmet with your pillion. I was unable to test this as I only had access to the 1 helmet.

To look at, the helmet looks simple and clean,

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21 May

Muc Off Foam Fresh Review | Will The Pong Go?

Muc Off Foam Fresh has written on the can about how no-one likes a smelly helmet, now when going past the obvious pun there is some truth in the comment although personally I must admit to having not noticed the problem with my own helmet or anyone elses, maybe you need to be close and smell peoples head to see if there is an issue?? That said, the “Muc Off Foam Fresh” can also be used

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20 May

Small Magnetic Tank Bag

A small magnetic tank bag is not something that I was really even aware existed in that I like many bikers have a tank bag that fits the size of my tank to maximise space and to offer the ability to carry lots, that said you are then stuck wherever you are with a large (quite heavy) tank bag. Therefore when recently I was asked if I would like to look and try a small magnetic tank bag I must admit I was curious.

Now, before you even try the bag, the word small immediately highlights some issues and so lets tackle that one head on, how big is this bag? The bag is in 2 sections as you can see in the photo, the main section for carrying items is (going by the spec) a litre, now for me and many others I am sure this means nothing other than that’s about£1.40 at the moment

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18 May

Motorcycle Insurance Cheap Insurance Best Choice?

Motorcycle Insurance is one of the necessary items that people require with their motorbike if they are planning on taking it on the road. With so many different ways of locating motorcycle insurance from insurance comparison sites to insurance brokers and individual companies who do you choose? What unique selling points are motorcycle insurance companies trying to get your business? what is a factor for decisison on policy and company

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23 Apr

Why all bikers should have an iPhone

Iphones – Are they all that they are cracked up to be?? This is a good question to be asked as there are a number of good and bad points but as the title of this article would suggest I would be someone that would come down on the plus side of things. There are of course many reasons for making the decision that you do as to what phone you have, for some people that say ‘I just want a phone that makes phone calls’ – my father being one of them.

So, why would you need an iphone? As with any of this things you do not necessarily NEED

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03 Apr

Muc Off Chain Doctor Review

Muc Off Chain Cleaner Doc was the next cleaning product that was to take on the mess that is my bike. The Muc off Chain Cleaner Doc is a cleaning solution from Muc Off that is designed to give the chain a deep clean, in similarity to a Jasper Carrot quote (“There’s only one way to get rid of a mole!”) I was told by my hard core bikers that there is only one way to really clean a chain and that was to take the chain off and soak it in paraffin. Now those that have been reading about my general processes will know

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23 Mar

Muc Off Degreaser Review – Is It Any Good

Muc Off Degreaser – I have to start this review by simply saying WOW! Those of you that have read any other reviews or posts of mine will be more than aware that I am not a great one for cleaning my bike, to the point that I made the New Year resolution to clean my bike once in a while. Having reviewed the Muc Off Original Mixture and some of the more day to day cleaning products from Muc Off I have been looking forward to trying the hard core dirt stuff and so Muc Off Degreaser was always

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09 Mar

Tom Tom on Iphone For Motorbikes

The Tom Tom on the Iphone is a great tool for the motorbike user and this is why it topped our Top 10 Iphone Apps For Bikers as there are a number of benefits that can be utilised by the biker.Tom Tom Logo Image

No matter what you are planning to do with your bike there are benefits of the Tom Tom. Buying Tom Tom (Uk & Ireland) for the iphone is nice and simple as you can buy it like any other app through the iphone store, at a current price of £49.99 (June 2010) and it will download and automatically install, OR your could spend £391 and buy the biker tom tom unit (that is a price to make sure no one buys it!). The GPS inside of the iphone will then take over and

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06 Mar

Oxford Bone Dry Boots Review

Oxford Bone Dry Boots are by initial appearance classified as sports boots with their titanium edging to protect when you lean over enough for the boot to hit the floor. We have been trying out a pair of these Oxford bone dry boots for a couple of months now, this has meant using them in a lot of rain, snow and a selection of tempretures since the UK weather has been rather changeable :)

oxford bone dry boots photoWhen first putting on the boots there was some concern as they were rather uncomfortable as they pinched on the outside of the foot. However we were wanting to give them a chance so that others do not have bad experiences and so we struggled on thinking that the boots may well just need to be broken in a while, fortunately

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06 Mar

Top 10 Motorcycle iPhone Apps

The Top 10 Iphone Apps for Bikers is a list of some of the best apps that Average Joe thinks are out there to make the life of the average biker a bit happier and a bit more fun. With the iphone taking over the world and we at allmotorcyclestuff.com happening to also love technology we decided it might be time to look at some of the apps that are available for bikers that are practial, useful or just plan fine. Motorbike apps on the iPhone are a little few and far between at the moment but we suspect they will accelerate in numbers just like bikers in fine weather.

Tom Tom £49.99

The Tom Tom is a great app and is a must for all bikers (or all motorists to be honest) and this is why it tops our Top Ten Bikers Iphone Apps, and I

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05 Mar

Is Buying A Cheap Fairing Kit On Ebay A Good Idea

This is one of these quetions that will always come as a loaded question. With fairing on a sports bike often costing more then most of the bike and normally the cost of repairing being the desicion as to whether a bike is repaired after damage or it is written off we thought we would try out one of these sets to see how it works out. Those of us that live on ebay have seen fairing sets on the site and wondered whether they were good or not and so know was the time

In our scenario a bike had hit the floor at 5 miles an hour in a car park and managed to hit a pole with the petrol tank. Fortunately the bike

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01 Mar

MCN Biker Iphone App Review by Average Joe

Anyone that has even glanced at the MCN newspaper recently can’t help but to have read about the app that they have released for all the bikers out there called the MCN Ride Logger. Average Joe got quite excited about the sound of this app and so he was allowed to trial it as part of our Top 10 Motorcycle Apps on the iPhone. In all honesty this is a fun app to get, although a £4.99 price tag does make it one of the more expensive apps out there. The app itself is basically a recording device for the ride you are undertaking. Before you leave for your journey your activate the rider app, take your ride and when you finish it you turn the recorder back off again.

The information that you are then provided

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