03 Jun

Bikesafe Motorcycle Training Cutbacks

Bikesafe motorcycle training has long been one the success stories between bikers and the police where they managed to come together, removed the chips (there are some pretty large ones!) off their shoulders and had a chance to talk to each other and learn. The bikers that have been to bikesafe nearly always seem to have good things to say about the motorcycle police that run the events, yes, even the boy racers that insist on blatting along on their sports bikes in full leathers on a hot day :)

The thing that has often been a suprise for the motorcyclists out there has been the attitude that the motorcycle police have which is that they understand that bikers (yes, and lots of other motorists) go over the speed limit and so they look to work with that and try and help people to to bikesafe accepting

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15 May

IAM Training on the road Part 1

IAM training part one. In this article we review the IAM Ride and training completed with my observer as we look at my riding style as well as discussing the rules and principles of the ‘Institute Of Advanced Motoring’ Skills for life motorcycle course.

IAM Motorcycle Course LogoOne COLD morning in December in a nearby car park I met with my observer from the local IAM Advanced Motorists group. My observer was a local rider so that you can both use a mixture of roads you know and don’t know so that you can be helped to meet most situations that can occour in your area to discuss the handling

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22 Apr

Motorcycle Test To Change Again – Back To How It Was??

Motorcycle tests are set to be overhauled it has been announced, this is sounding like an impressive overhaul (please note the sense of sarcasm!) as it would appear that the NEW motorcycle test will be much like the OLD motorcycle test so that people stop getting hurt from falling off their motorbike!

The road safety minister Mike Penning has announced an interim report with plans to try a NEW single on road test, so basically like the test was for many years! I wonder if Mr Penning picked up a copy of pretty much any motorcycle literature and saw

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07 Apr

Motorcycle Test Module 1 Changing 16 May

The Motorcycle Test Module 1 is Changing as of the 16th May. The motorcycle test is currently under a major review where it is expected that the test process will return to a single test process. The module 1 part of the motorcycle test is having some smaller changes made which are being implemented quickly in a bid to deal with some of the issues that have been brought to light by a number of motorcycle groups.motorcycle test dsa logo

The changes include the sequence in which the excercises are completed being changed, the main advantage being that it is being changed so that the emergency stop excercise is now before the avoidance test, the benefit of this is that any people that have possibly been sent to test too early or people that struggle with emergrancy manouvers may fail to pass the emergency stop and as such will not be permitted

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01 Apr

DSA Motorcycle Facebook Page For Learner Bikers

In the latest edition of the DSA motorcycle update newsletter is has been announced by the DSA that in the summer they will be setting up a new facebook page for learner bikers folllowing on from the success of the number of people following them with their Learning to drive cars page (Facebook Link) which is now showing over 7,500 people following the page.

The DSA motorcycle learning page as with the car equivelent will be used to let people keep up to date with changes to the practical test as well as other important motorcycle news and updates. This page will be targeted primarily at the learner riders

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23 Feb

IAM Motorcycle Riders Skills for Life Course Review Part 1

IAM stands of course for Institue of Advanced Motorists (IAM). The IAM “Skills For Life” course is targeting bikers out there that want to learn how to be a safer, better and more courteous motorists. The majority of IAM members are car drivers of course but there is a section that is targeting bikers so get on your motorcycle and get going.

IAM - Institute Of Advanced Motorists LogoI (Average Joe) have been completing my IAM “Skills For Life Course” for a few weeks now. The process is to sign up with IAM either at an event or on their website for £139, once the forms have been filled you are sent a form pack and learning skills book and then told to contact your closest IAM

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07 Feb

Get On – Lifes Better On 2 Wheels Scheme

Want to learn to ride a motorcycle? Then this scheme has your name all over it. The “Get On” Scheme is a group of bikers that want to ensure that all those that would like to become a biker can do so without any problems and can learn from the best and with the right information to make important choices.

If you are wanting to learn to ride a motorcycle or know someone that does but

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22 Jan

Identity Cards Cancelled – Its Official

Well, as of the 21st january legislation has been passed cancelling identity cards for British Citizens. This project that had so many people (us included) not wanting any part of and in the usual fashion the politicians ignoring the wants of the people and doing it anyway they have finally succeeded in WASTING MILLIONS of pounds now that they have been scrapped. All the money spend discussing something that was not wanted, then issuing

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15 Jan

IAM – Institute Of Advanced Motoring

The Institure of Advanced Motoring is officially a charitable institution that was set up to get motorists to have the opportunity to become safer and better drivers. There are of course different sections of the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) and here we will be looking and the bikers. The creation of the IAM motorcyclists “Skill For Life Programme” was the IAM setting forward their desire to help bikers to become safer on the roads. We have all been out on rides where you

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02 Jan

New Motorcycle Training Section

Here at All Motorcycle Stuff we recognise that being a biker is a non stop experience of learning more and more about riding and the experiences that we come across. We have decided therefore to dedicate a section to Motorcycle Training where we will look into the various training opportunities there are out there for bikers both for the new rider that wants to learn to ride a scooter, to the slightly older rider wanting to complete a DAS and get on a monster. Importantly we also want to look into the options there are for the qualified biker and what they can do to learn to be a safer rider, we are going to look into ROSPA, IAM as well as the BikeSafe initiative with the Police

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