22 May

Isle Of Man TT Races 2013

Isle-Of-Man-TT-2013Yes, excellent news, it is that time of year where as a biker you must put life on hold for a week and spend every evening after work catching up on the madness that is the TT Races, our favourite time of year! I have great memories of each year sitting in the warm, in shorts even and possibly with a sneaky beverage watching the likes of John McGuiness and the Dunlops charging around the Isle of Man like a scalded cat, whilst quietly wishing we could do the same.

With pratice starting in just 3 days time, we all hope and pray for a dry and sunny week and that we will feel the thrills that we have felt in the past and that maybe, just maybe Guy Martin will get that illusive Win. As always it will be a busy week with the Race and Practice Schedule so crammed  but we all just love.

Those that are just a bit more hardcore

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06 Aug

Crash Band Charity Gigs – James Toseland

For all those James Toseland fans out there we have heard of couple of a Charity Gigs that James Toseland and his band “Crash” will be performing at.Crash Band photo

The first event is on the 7th September at Shipley gate Nottinghamshire, this event is in air of Afgan Heroes with

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24 Jul

MCN Live Ultimate Biker Party Weekend in April

MCN Live motorcycle event is the title of what is being labelled as the Ultimate Biker party Weekend coming up at the start of April, we are hoping here that this is the start of the biking season and will the event that makes the weather warmer and dryer!! MCN Live is being set up and run at Butlins in Skegness and so this should surely be able to offer a great mix of space and location as well all the amenities of staying in a hotel style location and so there will no need on this one to take a tent, wellies or anti mud devices – Yes they are making this one an easy start to the season so that you can turn up with friends and chance of clothes and even have the luxury of your own shower!james toseland at MCN Live

This 3 day event has a great selection of events and

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04 May

Bikers take over hastings 2011

Ever wondered what it would be like if bikers took over a town? Well I think a good example of what it might look like was made this year at the Hastings May Day Run 2011. Whenever an estimated 10,000 riders descend on one place you get to see an exceptional selection of bikes, and for those bikers that went to the Wootoon Basset run this year (20,00 bikes) maybe you felt there needed to be more bikes, but wither way this is an awesome sight. It was a great dry sunny day without being too hot and so everyone came out to play and if you were in a car in hastings, you woz sorrounded all day!

We have therefore selected a few of our favourite videos that

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02 May

Hastings May Day Run 2011 – Great Day Out

It would appear that today offered another succesful Hastings May Day Run, with the weather being great other than a bit of a strong wind whipping aroung it appears to have been great. Here are only a couple of fantastic photos of the event that have appeared online. There is something about seeing a sea of bikes that is a great site

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01 May

May Day Run Hastings 2011 – Monday 2nd May

May Day Run Hastings 2011 takes place tomorrow, this is one of the most popular starts to the season. This event expects to get in the region of 20,000 bikers descending on the (sometimes peaceful) town of Hastings on the South Coast.hastings may day run 2011 seafront photo The event this year is being more targetted as a “Major new trade exhibition” with the envolvement of the likes of George White, Hein gericke, Laguna Motorcycles and even the guys at Bike Safe going along.

This is a major event in the biking calendar and with the fantastic weather that is being given to us this weekend this is sure to be a popular event this year and so you can be sure of that big feel event. The video below gives you an idea of the size of the event and so make sure that you go along to the ride and make the most of it. There are a number of groups

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01 May

Hastings Filmfest 2011 – New Event

Hastings filmfest 2011 is a new biker events that is being launched this May. This new events is part of Hastings target of the “Round Pound” which is the new terminology for making the most of the money spent by bikers when they go to an event as we are apparently now a more educated breed. This will potentially be the 2nd main motorcycle event in Hastings with the Hasting May Day Run of course being the largest with an estimated 20,000 bikers being expected this year.

The Hastings filmfest event will be donating 10% of theatre ticket sales to “Help for Heroes” and is targeting bikers with a motorcycle film festival which they believe to be the first biker feature film festival. Therefore on the 29th May at the White Rock Theatre in Hastings there will be the biker festival with the film list including “Gun of the Black Sun”, “Electra Glide in Blue”, “I, Superbiker” and finally there will be the “Great Escape Gurkha Gala”

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26 Apr

Wirral Egg Run 2011 – Estimated 15000 riders

wirral east egg run 2011 bunny photoThis easter saw the Wirral Egg Run 2011 happen on the 17th April, this was the 31st Egg Run. It has been estimated that 15,000 bikers took part in this mighty event and that is ran very smoothly with the organisers doing a great job, and of course working with the local council and the police to move this amount of bikers through the same roads and of course closing the roads for the safety of all concerned.

The first Wirral Egg Run that happened in April 1981 had only 20 riders which were the members of the Empress Motorcycle club that each took an Easter Egg for a child that had to stay in hospital for Easter. Reading through the history the most eggs collected were approx 20,000 (year 2000) 

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23 Feb

Trans European Challenge Ride

Bill has now left the UK onto his challenge to ride from London to Iraq in aid of the Army Benevolent Fund to help support the soldiers and the familes of those injured whilst fighting for us all. The ride started from Bury Hill and saw about 100 bikers start off in the peeing rain with their Army Benevolent tee shirts on, screen stickers attached an a smile on their face!!

Photo Bill Allen

Bill Allen - The Trans European Challenge Rider

Bill was in fine mood and ready for the off!! Watch for the slippy floor was mentioned (new tarmac) just before a bike went down (slow speed fortunately) and then the ride was on. With a police escort

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