08 May

The Manor Bikers Cafe – New Motorcycle Cafe Opens Monday

The Manor Bikers Cafeis the newest biker cafe on the street and is opening its doors on Monday. Located in the Yorkshire Dales the Manor Biker Cafe is just outside Bellerby near Leyburn  and it sounding like it is to be a very popular biker stop. Offering some of the finest twisty roads and a purpose built cafe for the biking community you can expect that this will be the place to go especially since they are offering good solid biker fare along with a large car park ensuring that there is never a problem arriving.

Manor Bikers Cafe - New Biker CafeThe menu offers the food that powers the bikers from all day breakfasts as well as burgers and chips and for those with finer palette requirements there is the option to have some great paninis with the option of brie and red onion which is an in house family favourite.

Come along and say hi over the Easter break or the years to come where bikers will always be welcome. Come and visit our website to get the latest news and information and see what we hae got planned this summer.

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06 May

Biker Cafe Sussex and pubs and bars

Biker Cafe Sussex offer a number of motorcycle friendly cafes and pubs that the locals go to and Peter in Sussex has put together his Top 3 Biker Stops in Sussex and he wanted to share them with other bikers. These are the choice of locations he aims for when out for rides with his bike mates and so find the details below.

The Chalet – Cowfold

The Chalet Cafe located in Cowfold is a very popular motorcycle stop off located just outside Cowfold this is a great location being so close to major route as well as being on a wonderful twisty road,

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