23 Oct

Ciao Marco Simoncelli

marco simoncelli photoToday in Moto GP there was a total tragedy in the death of Marco Simoncelli. He was one of the really entertaining characters in Moto GP and one of the reasons to watch, a true talent that was starting to get the results and podium spots that he was trying to get and I think he was about to have a very interesting season next year.

This was such a tragedy with what appears to be no-one to blame and just a very sad genuine accident. A star has been lost and our thoughts go out to his family and friends, it is a terrible situation. This even feels like a personal lost when you lose such a big character that was making a real difference to this sport.

You will be really missed Marco…

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19 Mar

Moto GP 2011 Calendar – It Begins

Moto GP 2011′s first race is today with qualifying completed and having Casey Stoner taking pole position with Lorenzo taking 3rd place on the grid and Rossi did well to make 9th on the new Ducati. We thought it would be helpful to list the Moto GP 2011 calendar so that all could see when the races were to watch them along with where they are.

  • 20th March – Qatar Moto GP
  • 3rd April – Spain Moto GP
  • 1st May – Portugal Moto GP
  • 15th May – France Moto GP
  • 5th June – Catalunya Moto GP
  • 12th June – Great Britain Moto GP
  • 25th June – Netherlands Moto GP
  • 3rd July – Italy Moto GP
  • 17th July – Germany Moto GP
  • 24th July – United States Moto GP
  • 14th August – Czech Republic Moto GP
  • 28th August – Indianpolis Moto GP
  • 4th September – San Marino Moto GP
  • 18th September – Aragon Moto GP
  • 2nd October – Japan Moto GP
  • 16th October – Australia Moto GP
  • 23rd October – Malaysia Moto GP
  • 6th November – Valencia Moto GP

Moto GP Calendar Photo Of Rossi

The Moto GP 2011 season offers some great excitement and starting today seeing how the battle between the top riders with many eyes on seeing if Rossi can help Ducati to some amazing things this season and if Lorenzo with his championship title and now without the team mate he seemed to not get on with can try and win his second season in a row. The Moto GP 2011 Calendar offers to make the 2011 Summer a fun bikers racing season.

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