26 Jun

Moto GP Increasing In Popularity

Lewis Hamilton made an appearance at the last Mugello MotoGP meet, emphasising how much the sport is growing in popularity both as a spectacle, and consequently, a betting market.
In the past it’s particularly hard to predict the winner of the MotoGP with Stoner, Rossi, Lorenzo and Pedrosa dominating the sport since 2006 – Nick Hayden being the last man to break this monopoly and take the crown. But now that Casey Stoner has retired and Valentino Rossi is struggling to find form, it appears we have an intriguing two horse race between Lorenzo and Pedrosa, with Pedrosa slight favourite.
Pedrosa is one of those sportsmen who

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07 Dec

5 Bikers Charged With Causing Death – Cleared

5 bikers clearedWe wrote earlier about a group of 5 bikers that were being charged with “Causing Death by Dangerous Driving” as one of the other bikes that were on the ride crashed and very sadly the driver and pillion (husband and wife) were both killed. It was deemed that as they were riding as a group and they had been riding quickly that the other bikers for some reason were to be responsible for the 6 bikers accident even though (by my understanding) the other bikes were not near them, or touch the bike, or be connected with the final incident.

The bikers trial was finally meant to start on Monday 16 months after the accident and so for that time they have had this hanging over them. The bikers were getting great support from the biking community on Facebook as a group had been set up with 3,300 members posting support and news. Leading up to the start date there was talk that the Judge wanted more time to look at the details of the case before the case could begin which was dragging things on more as it was delaying things.

On Monday however the Judge called the bikers in and the dismissed the charges. So yes, common sense has prevailed and the bikers are not going to be charged. This is great news as the supporters were struggling to understand how bikers that were not directly involved in the accident could be held responsible for the final accident of a rider that is in control of their own machine.

This is great news although as the bikers have all said, they still lost their good friends Helen and Dean.

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04 Nov

EU Go Away – Leave Bikers Alone

OI EU Back Off Bikers logoAs I am sure most bikers know there is a LOT of discussion at the moment to do with the EU and their attempt to ruin life in this country a bit more by bringing in ridiculous laws targetting bikers! The 2 main messages that have been going around is that to start with they are wanting to make it LAW that all bikers have to wear a reflective item, with regards to this I am personally waiting for them to come out with the mandatory law for cyclists as well as having reflective bars on the back of all cars as I am sure that is being done at the same time as otherwise this is targeting bikers only????

The second stupid Euro rule (and more worrying) is that they are trying to put through rules that mean that bikers cannot use any after market parts on their bikes. This is a ridiculous rule in so many ways. We could start with the fact that

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03 Oct

DVLA SORN Declarations – Don’t get Caught Out

For many bikers their motorbike is a chance to enjoy the summer, that is of course if we have one. It is a chance to get out on the road and enjoy this country that on occasions is actually a very pretty place with some spectacular roads and so even greater bikers. It is a place where people to relax, have a laugh and meet some mates, there are always some motorcycle events in your area to join if you don’t know other bikers and all is well.

However as the temperature gets back to the normal UK temperature and the rain starts with gusto and then even the ice and snow, many bikers look to give their bike one last clean and pack it away for the winter. Many that do this, do it for at least 6 months and so there is little point in paying for the road tax and so it was just a matter of not paying and not going on the road! This all changed last year where the imputes was handed back to the  motorists and the DVLA declared that you now need to make sure that

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23 May

Insurance Crackdown Begins

On the 20th June the new “Continuous Insurance Enforcement law” comes into effect. What is the Continuous Insurance Enforcement law I hear you cry! Well this is the law that makes insurance work in the same principle as tax which is that if you have a car or bike and do not declare that it is off the road and do not have insurance for it then you can be done for it. HOORAY we say.

I like so many other bikers and car drivers out there have to spend our hard earned money on a piece of paper that gives you nothing unless you have a bad experience, but at the end of the day that is insurance. I am more than happy for people that do not pay for insurance to have their pride and joy taken away and squashed! To be honest

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12 May

1 Biker 32 Manchesters and 10000 Miles

1 Biker 32 Manchesters and 10000 Miles is a dream come true quite literally for a biker from Manchester that has decided to take on the challenge. Pete Johnson is a Mancunian  on a mission after a few years typing into google and finding that in the World there are 36 places called Manchester, and of those, 32 are in the United States of America. Pete has therefore decided it is his mission to visit all the US Manchesters and he leaves TOMORROW the 13th May.

manchester-biker-pete-johnson photoWe have all had those wil ideas of living on the road and crossing the states on the bike of our choice but for Lucky Pete – he is going to do it. The Manchesters are located all over the US and he will

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11 May

Trike Hearse World Record Broken by Priest

trike herse world record broken by priest photoTrike Hearse World Record Broken by Priest is one of those headlines that has to catch the interest of any biker and is a great story in itself about Reverend Ray Biddis from Halifax. But yes, it is true that Rev Biddis has now broken the World Record for the fastest Trike Hearse in the west!

Riding a Triumph Rocket III the reverend managed to get the trike up to 114mph using Elvington airfield near York. Apparently this has taken him 4 years to perfect this awesome trike and has been a challenge

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05 May

Driving Licence With 39 Points – Still Not Banned!!

In the news today was an item about a driver in Swindon that a very impressive 39 points on their licence and still has not lost it!! This was the highlight of a recent freedom of information request from the DVLA. The driver is not identified and so there is not mention if they are a man/women car driver or biker but we have to be impressed by this stat, I mean, can you even physically fit that many points on a licence? What kind of insurance do they have where they said YES I have some points on my licence, have you got a comfy seat?driving licence points photo

Now before we all head off to Swindon to be able to drive around without the worry of losing our licence there was also more evidence of other drivers out there. In total there was 638 drivers scattered around Bristol, Dorset, Wiltshire, Somerset and Gloucestershire that have more then the 12 magic points that we are all told is an automatic ban!! How is this possible we hear you cry!! The masters of the loopholes

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02 May

Bikers Ride Through Royal Wootton Bassett 2011

Today has seen approxiamtely 10,000 bikers along with 3,000 pillions complete a “Ride of Respect” through the town of Royal Wootton Bassett for the second year in a row. 2010 saw the first Ride of Respect but saw and estimated 16,000 bikers (23,000) with pillion riders included as a mark of respect as well as to raise money for charity. The 2011 ride was limited to 10,000 riders by the organisers but with the goal to raise more money with a target of £130,000.

With the news confirmed that repatriation flights route no longer to be going through Wootton Bassett this will be last Ride of Respect through the town. Here at All Motorcycle Stuff we are also involved with SERV (AKA The Bloodrunners) they also sent a group of 40 or so riders on the run, below is one of the videos available on You Tube  which shows the front of the ride with the police escort and SERV riders, then the following thousands of bikers.

For those that went, those that donated and those that just stopped long enough to think of the positive message this gives out and how this is such a great example of what bikers are actually about and the their respect for the people that give their lives for others.


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01 May

Warning to bikers visiting Cumbria

There has been a warning to bikers that are visiting cumbria made by the Police in Cumbria for the bank holiday. There has been 6 biker fatalities in the last 2 months and so the Cumbria leg of the Bike Safe initiative has therefore made this warning by asking bikers to think of families and ride safely.

The Bike Safe police force have also said that there will be extra patrols in know danger areas. Said by the police force was

Scheme manager Sgt Jo Lennox said: “My team and I love welcoming bikers to the area to enjoy all we have to offer.

“Cumbria is a haven for motorcyclists, as our roads are relatively traffic-free and we have some of the most stunning scenery in the UK.

“We spend a lot of time engaging with bikers in the area, encouraging them to stay safe.warning to bikers visiting cumbria photo

“But unfortunately this message is not getting through, and we have already dealt with six fatal motorcycle collisions in Cumbria in just two months.

“That is six tragedies too many, and six families torn apart by a needless death.

“My officers and I will be out and about throughout Cumbria this weekend, keeping an eye on motorists’ behaviour.”

The latest biker death happened on 25 April, when Stephen Gray, 43, from South Shields, died after his motorcycle hit a dry stone wall on the A686 near Alston.

The full story is on the bbc news website

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24 Apr

Arai Helmets Japan Flag Charity Design

Arai have released some news that they are making a Limited Edition Quantum “Flag Japan” helmet This special limited edition Quantum helmet is based on the popular ‘Flag’ design series, but legendary designer Aldo Drudi has made a special version with the Japanese flag as the centre of attention.

arai flag japan limited helmet design pictureBelow is the press release from Arai.

The incredible power of the Tsunami that enveloped the north of Japan and the resulting scenes of devastation have shocked and dismayed the world in equal measure. It has left deep sorrow and suffering in its wake, and at Arai thoughts and hearts go out to the victims of this disaster.
To offer support to the rescue and welfare organisations helping those in need, Arai is introducing the Quantum ‘Flag Japan’ design. A significant amount of the proceeds from the sale of the ‘Flag Japan’ Quantum will be donated

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11 Apr

5 Bikers Charged With Causing Death Update

Five men each charged with causing death by dangerous driving appeared today at a Preliminary Hearing at York Crown Court before The Recorder of York, His Honour Judge Ashurst. Interestingly, the same judge presided over the previous North Yorkshire bikers ‘test case’ involving four bikers charged with causing the death by dangerous driving of a fifth biker in their group.

Each biker in the three week trial heard in December 2008 was found not guilty of both the main offence and dangerous driving on the road where the accident happened. They were, however, convicted of the least serious charge on the indictment. In 2008, all four bikers were initially represented by legal aid solicitors and counsel

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06 Apr

Cyclists Death By Dangerous Riding Considered As Law

In the news today was a story of an MP who is proposing a law making the creation of “Death by Dangerous Riding” a charge that would also be levied at cyclists. The theory was based on the stats that 10 pedestrians have been killed by cyclists and 262 have been seriously injured between 2005 and 2009.

I must admit at this point that “I am not keen on cyclists” as I don’t understand why they do not have to pay road tax like EVERYONE else on the road or have insurance like EVERYONE else on the road especially as they are still involved in accidents like EVERYONE else. The thing that bothers me the most and I suspect most other motorists is the way that they hold up traffic

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04 Apr

5 Bikers Charged With Death By Dangerous Driving Due In Court

5 Bikers Charged With Death By Dangerous Driving are due in court tomorrow. The 5 bikers were on a social ride with 1 other bike where rider and pillion (Dean and Helen Slater from Thornton) were sadly killed when they collided head on with a car. This story is a tragic one of a motorcycle accident and a reminder of how bikers are often the worst off in any accident along with the devastation this must cause for their family.

What has however got bikers especially curious about this case in particular is that the 5 riders that were with the pair that were killed are being charged with death by dangerous driving. At this point whilstnot much is known about the situation under which the accident occurred bikers (and surely all motorists) cannot see how the people travelling with them are responsible for the deaths of their friends.There has, as always, been mention of speed but as motorcycles are single items we cannot see how 5 other people caused their crash.

With the 5 bikers due in court tomorrow we may learn more about how this occurred and the possible ramifications for other social bike riders and will be sure to let other bikers know.

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14 Mar

Motorcyclists charged for fellow bikers deaths

It was reported today by the BBC was that five bikers have been charged with causing the deaths of 2 fellow bikers. 2 bikers (Dean and Helen Slater) from Thornton , Bradford were on 1 bike in a group of 6 bikers with Dean driving and his wife Helen as his pillion. They were involved in an accident with a car on the A162 and died instantly at the scene. The details are not too descriptive at the moment other then to say that 4 men (aged 26, 28, 29 and 31) have been charged with 2 counts of causing death by dangerous driving whilst 1 more (aged 36) being charged with 2 counts of causing detath by dangerous driving as well as 2 counts of causing death by dangerous driving while

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