27 May

Lost My Track Day Cherry

track dayA track day is something I have been wanting to do for a long time and after a few years now I have finally popped my cherry. Saturday saw an opportunity to join a group of bikers that visit track days as a group from the South East Biker magazine circulation. This is a group of mixed ability bikers that take over the track for their section of time and get to bomb their way around the track in relative safety and a great chance to test your bike and your skills off the road and in the correct place.

For me I was given access to a VFR to take on the track, and so first ride after lunch on a lovely sunny and dry day I lined up with the rest of the group on the grid waiting for my first 15 minute stint on the track. Of the selection of bikes I would be joining mine was the slowest and also had a rider that was slightly too large for the bike and no track skills

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01 Dec

Motorcycle Christmas Presents

christmas motorcycle presents photoYes we cannot help but notice that it is fast becoming that time of year and we are starting to be asked for Christmas present ideas. There are always some great ideas for Christmas and so we thought we would put together a list of some of the practical, fun and just plane silly ideas that you can ask for, or if you don’t make a point of not asking for then you might end up with!!!

  • Coming in a solid starter are the Motorcycle Slippers! This is a firm favourite and now with the option of the Sport bike design and only a £17 price tag this is always a winner with the die hard bikers that want to keep going all year round
  • Always a good idea for any biker is of course the heated grips. There are those that insist on trying to pretend that are too tough for heated grips

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04 Nov

Relationship Problems?

Have you been having relationship problems? Has your good lady been looking at you looking lost as if there was something missing? Has she been asking you lots of questions that you cant quite answer? Then this might be for you:)

biker relationship problems

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20 Oct

Driving Wars New TV Show

After having seen a number of trailers last night was the first episode of the new TV show Driving Wars on Dave. This is a new show where contestants get to control a car out on the track whilst sitting inside a converted Jag that has been wired so that the sterring wheel, accelerator and brakes control the car outside. The show had 3 rounds and then a finale. Round 1 was the drivers going around a course attempting not to crashe whilst also having a giant lorry and a beach buggy driving round the course, the second round saw them trying to make a 100ft jump in a 5 series BMW and then the final round took them into what they call the “Bear Pit” where the car goes in one end of a scrapyard stlye area and have to find the exit whilst avoiding a number of vehicles designed to trash them. On every Wednesday at 9pm it is worth a try!!

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13 Oct

Best Biker Ad … probably

I was sent a link to this add this morning which challenges biker pre conceptions of the public. Even as a biker would you have done this is the questions? Carlsberg at its best…


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07 Oct

Try Motocross Taster Session – Whoo

For a long time I have been wanting to have a try at Motocross. I love riding on the road and can only imagine that riding off road would be a world more fun! I saw advertised a local group that were going to a taster session of Motocross near Dover at a charity called MXCP that use Motocross as an incentive for children that are struggling at school to learn through doing. I will be writing up a post on this charity shortly and will offer a lot more information about it and any people that may want to help and work with them.

MXCP offer taster sessions for adults at the weekend for £50 for a half day which includes all equipment, yes that means helmet, bike and clothes. This is a steal at twice the price I think but a great opportunity to let people think about trying this as a new sport and at the same time be donating to, and helping promote, a charity.

So, off we went, a group of 10 bikers to go and give it a try! We arrived all eager (hour early) but there had been a promise of bacon sarnies at the location and so we were ok. The day was a lovely dry sunny day and had been for a few days and so the floor was not excessively slippy! As a 6ft 2 buy I was a bit concerned about the bikes that came out, that was UNTIL I saw the instructor that was 6ft 9 – If this man could ride it then I had no excuse!! 

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14 Aug

Top To The Bottom Of The World Update

A while ago we posted about a couple from Brighton that were heading off to do what all bikers tend to crave, they were selling up and riding around the world, making it up as they went under the title of Top Of The World To The Bottom. They headed off over 2 months ago and have had some great experiences and seen some of the views that I would imagine they dreamed of and was the drive to organise such an epic trip.

Of late we have

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06 Jul

Biker Stunts Going Wrong – Why Do It?

The weather at the moment is perfect for bikers as there is some lovely sunshine, dry roads and it is not too hot to make it uncomfortable on the bike for too long. This of course brings out bikers from everywhere and in the thrill to have got the bike out, and enjoy the road, there are those that take it too far and try stunts and more.

Here is a video off you tube of Biker Stunts Going Wrong where there is this instance by some people to try wheelies, not be looking where their going and more. If they escape with no or little injuries then they are about to be reminded how bikes can be quite expensive as well!!

With the weekend almost upon us and the weather looking good here is the fun video to get us all in the mood for a fun weekend, jsut make sure you dont do any of this.

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01 Jun

Snow Motorcycle – What Can You Make?

The weather has been cruel and snowed therefore meaning nearly all us bikers admit it is time to put the bike away but this does give us a bit of free time and so we allmotorcyclestuff.com decided the best thing to do with our time in this great snow was to make a snow motorcycle. This weather does allow for some fun and so we lay down the mantle and ask – WHAT CAN YOU MAKE, here is our effort of a motorcycle. To be honest it was meant to start life as a sports bike, then we thought we would turn it into a chopper and in the end we must admit that it turned into neither.

Here my son is taking it out for a run, his feedback was

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24 May

Motorcycle Holiday Video | Your show us yours!

Motorcycle holiday videos are a great way for people to relive the wonders of their driving in unusual locations. There are a great selection of motorycle holidays such as cruising in the USA, enjoying the bends in the Alps, riding a unique style in India or riding like the Top Gears guys across Vietnam and having a fantastic suprise at what awaits you.motorcycle holiday videos

With the amazing speed of technology it is increasingly easy and cheap for bikers to now record their biking experience and so there is an ever increasing list of motorycle videos out there of amazing experiences and dream rides that people have experienced. If you are the next Charlie and Ewan and are going around the world then send us some recordings, in the meantime we are going to search You Tube for some motorcycle holiday videos that will inspire people to look for the next experience that they may want to aim for on a biker holiday

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06 May

TT3D Closer To The Edge Movie Out This Week

TT3D Closer To The Edge Movie is Out This Week in a cinema near you. For those that have not heard about this film, it follows the already legendary Guy Martin (Meet Guy Martin At Haslemere Motorcycle 22nd June) taking on the 2010 TT Race.TT3D Closer To The Edge Movie Poster

This race facinates all bikers at the shear strength and lack of fear that these bikers have to have in order to peak at over 200 miles and hour. TT3d closer to the edge uses that line that we think most bikers live by on one way or another of “Just because you’re breathing doesn’t mean you’re alive”. See Below the trailer

The TT track is a total almost 38 miles and gives the bikers a true chance to ride as fast as they can on normal roads, we have all seen the bikes going at the speed of sound past peoples houses and avoiding day to day road obsticles.  TT3d closer to the edge – This should be one of those films that makes you want to get back on the track

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01 May

Tron Lightcycle Motorbike Video in Car Park

Tron The Movie – The Remake which is now out in Cinemas features the bike we would all really like to ride which is the lightcycle. Apart from the blatent coolness of seeing it in the movie and wanting to be able to ride at super speeds and make 90 degree turns there was a need as part of the movie to make a REAL Tron Lightcycle. I think when looking in our New Motorcycles Shop Locator or Used Motorbikes Shop Locator it is unlikely that you will find one of these, but

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28 Apr

Bigger They Are The Harder They Fall

This is rather a cliche but someone falling off is always mobidly amusing, this is a classic example of boys on holiday I would say that have gone on holiday, hired some mopeds and gone for a laugh. Sadly they have no talent. The question to ask on this one is how much of a hit did the face take!!


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24 Apr

Motorcycle Presents Top 10 for Christmas

With Christmas coming up there is the thought of Motorcycle Presents and so this is always a good time to replace those biker items we are in need of updating as well as getting the new gadgets and toys we have been thinking about for months. There are loads of options and one good example is that of the £50 fitted heated grips offered by one of our Sussex companies. However it is tough work to decide what items you can ask for when you are actually asked unless there is that one thing you have been waiting for. Average Joe has come up with his need for a pair of replacement boots and is aiming for a set of Oxford boots to his toes warm in the arctic blast we are currently enduring.

However for all those non bikers out there that are not sure what to get the Biker in their life OR bikers that just need an idea to get the brain to kick in we have come up with 10 great things

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30 Dec

Motorcycle New Year Resolutions – What Are Yours?

The New Year is almost upon us and this is the customary time to make some New Years resolutions. The most common resolutions we all know being to eat less, drink less and do more excercise but we should not forget the ones we love and of course by that I mean our motorcycles. We at allmotorcyclestuff have cope up with our Top 5 motorcycle new year resolutions for 2011

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