31 Dec

New Years Resolutions 2011

It is that time of year where we come up with resolutions of the things we are going to do in the new year and probably succeed in – well for a day or 2 maybe :)

My family and I have recently taken up Taekwondo as a family and are all learning from scratch. For those out there that are looking to get fit, lose weight or build strength but, like me, do not like swimming lengths, jogging or gyms then this is a fantastic option! We have been doing the classes for 1 month (a free trial) and the level of excercise is really high and as you do this as a class there is a lot of working together and so you get to meet loads of people and it helps you to keep going with the excercise!

With this in mind I have decided I will as my New Years Resolution I will continue with these classes, I will also be making small changes to my diet along the lines of reducing the bread I eat at lunchtime and have soup for lunch

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14 Jun

The Perfect Biker Riding Day – Its Today

On my way to work today I could not help but think that TODAY is the Perfect Riding Day and of course means it is always harder to get off the bike and go into work! The last few days down here in the South East corner, having had a lovely few weeks of dry and sunny weather (yes even a couple of BBQ’s) it started to rain. When the rain first starts you are extra cautious thanks to how slippy the roads get after a long dry spell, then as the rain got worse and continues for a few days I must admit getting to the point where I thought I cannot be bothered to get into my kit just to get wet all the way to work, avoiding any white paint on the road, as well as the idiots!! This got to the extreme when I opted for the car to get into work on Monday (yes I felt guilty all the way, is was only the once :) and it meant nothing). I was punished by the gods of motorcycles with the weather getting nicer as the day went on and

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01 Jun

Spring 2011 – Is spring finally coming

Today seemed to be the start of Spring possibly, riding today was reminiscent of those spring turning into summer days and it made me wonder if Spring 2011 was finally starting to make an apperance. There were signs today of the days that all bikers hope for and for the many fair weather bikers it seems it is time to start thinking about getting that bike out for the season. Stumble over the motorcycle garages section to find the garages close to you that can help to clean the biker up and get her ready to run for a season full riding withour mechanical mishaps.

If you are looking to start getting out on the tarmac and get some miles done then there is also the motorcycle cafes section to find somewhere new to stop off on your ride to give you a chance for a brew and hot meal, or for those slightly more adventurous and looking for something a bit different then have a look in the holidays section and find yourself companies offering

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18 May

Motorbikes or Mopeds – Which are worst

Motorbikes or Mopeds – Which are worst was the thought I was pondering yesterday as I was undertaken and overtaken by 2 mopeds at the same time, one of which then cut me up! I was riding to a meeting and sitting in a line of 5 cars waiting at a roundabout, when checking my mirrors I saw there were some mopeds behind me. With only a few cars in front and this being a very busy roundabout 

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12 May

Motorcycle Helmet – To Flip Or Not To Flip

Motorcycle helmet selection is a major decision for all bikers. There are a number of major factors that influence the selection of a helmet, there are those that are a little more serious then others but the level of importance changes from rider to rider. One thing that should always be the same is that the motorcycle helmet should fit well. The general consensus of a well fit motorcycle helmet

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12 May

Motorcycle Iphone Apps – Any Good?

Those that have read a few of our posts here will know that we at allmotorcyclestuff.com are in favour of technology and this definately includes the iphone and similar gadgets and the benefits that they can bring and I think we made that fairly clear in our Top 10 Motorbike Apps as there are so many benefits to having sat nav in your pocket or the ability to track a ride just by riding on it. That said we sat thinking it was time to asses some new motorcycle iphone apps and so went into the app store to see what there was for bikers to download and benefit from and I am not sure if it is just us but there appears to be

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01 May

Bikers – Are bikers as bad as you hear?

Bikers around the globe are often referred to as being a bad group of people as all we do is speed around, are inconsiderate to other motorists and therefore this means that if you are a biker then you fall in this group.

My experience of bikers has actually been the complete opposite. Having become a one at the ripe old age of 30 something this meant that there had been many years of also thinking that bikers are intimidating people that

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08 Apr

Bikers Are All Anti Social Selfish People!

This appears to be the common perception of bikers, all you tend to hear on the news and all around is how anti social bikers are as they all just speed around, cutting people up, being rude and generally not very nice.

As a realtively new rider I have never met so many people that do charitable items in one way or another. There seems to be a non stop list of charity rides where people PAY to drive slowly in normally the peeing rain in order to support a cause and help to raise money. We at All Motorcycle Stuff were in a ride to support Bill Allen riding to Iraq which was over 100 riders paying out to spend 4 hours getting soaked going down to the ferry.

As you will see here on the allmotorcyclestuff there

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17 Mar

Bikers back on the road – It must be spring

Bikers are back on the road I noticed today, having seen a number of very shiny motorbikes happily running down the road, I even found myself riding this morning in the sunshine and on the dry roads and thinking, is it time to put away the winter jacket and get out the leather jacket? Could it be true that spring has finally arrived? I may even get out the shaded visor!bikers in sunshine

It is an impressive conincidence that this glorious day followed my son charging in an telling me how the pumpkin seeds he planted had suddenly sprouted over night! That is it – This must be spring and the start of happier days. So head on over and find biker cafes in your area, get the bike out of the garage and get a good service and head out this weekend and start to enjoy this most pleasant of seasons

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20 Feb

Nodding To Your Fellow Biker

Every day I ride to work, it is about a 15 mile ride but a lot of it are nice smooth bends through the Sussex countryside. Along my route I pass a number of bikes, 1 guy i know, 2 are others I pass every day and then quite often I pass an instructor and a couple of students. One of the things I really likes when I started riding was the feeling of group you get as a bike from other bikers and so I am always a nodder (even to the occasional police bike). But there is 1 guy that I pass a lot along the route who never returns the nod, I have even helped him avoid and accident once where he was about to go round a corner into a near instant traffic jam but STILL nothing. Why do some people just not do this simple task.

I am also one of those bikers that if I see a bike on the side with an issue will stop. I KNOW Nothing mechanical but you there are other options like having a phone or if it is just petrol and I think this is a great thing about bikers and I think the thing that keeps bikers going as if bikers do not get together as a group then the all the new laws will make biking close to pointless which is often what seems to be the target.

So, if you are out in Sussex and pass a black ZX6R make sure you nod or I may moan about you next :) All bikers together

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29 Dec

Motorbike At Christmas – Give It Some Love

Well Christmas has come and gone and we are now in that dead time between Christmas and New Year where all the planning manages to forget each year and so we have a couple of quite days. What should we do with this time is of course obvious, we should lavish some time on the motorbike as it has been left a little ignored over the last few days, and the family has had a great time together and so this is the ideal time to spend with the bike. As far as we are concerned there are 2 options of either

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