26 Jun

Moto GP Increasing In Popularity

Lewis Hamilton made an appearance at the last Mugello MotoGP meet, emphasising how much the sport is growing in popularity both as a spectacle, and consequently, a betting market.
In the past it’s particularly hard to predict the winner of the MotoGP with Stoner, Rossi, Lorenzo and Pedrosa dominating the sport since 2006 – Nick Hayden being the last man to break this monopoly and take the crown. But now that Casey Stoner has retired and Valentino Rossi is struggling to find form, it appears we have an intriguing two horse race between Lorenzo and Pedrosa, with Pedrosa slight favourite.
Pedrosa is one of those sportsmen who

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27 May

Lost My Track Day Cherry

track dayA track day is something I have been wanting to do for a long time and after a few years now I have finally popped my cherry. Saturday saw an opportunity to join a group of bikers that visit track days as a group from the South East Biker magazine circulation. This is a group of mixed ability bikers that take over the track for their section of time and get to bomb their way around the track in relative safety and a great chance to test your bike and your skills off the road and in the correct place.

For me I was given access to a VFR to take on the track, and so first ride after lunch on a lovely sunny and dry day I lined up with the rest of the group on the grid waiting for my first 15 minute stint on the track. Of the selection of bikes I would be joining mine was the slowest and also had a rider that was slightly too large for the bike and no track skills

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24 May

Sussex Motorcycles – Haywards Heath

Sussex Motorbikes RampsA new motorcycle centre in Mid Sussex arrived in Haywards Heath last January, and to celebrate, the team at Sussex Motorbikes is holding an official launch event on Saturday 1st June from 10.00am until 4.00pm. Everyone is invited and their experienced mechanics will be on hand to provide a Bike Health Clinic whereby they will carry out free safety checks as part of the County’s Road Safety Initiative, which Sussex Motorbikes supports. There will be prize draw raffles, the bloodrunners of Sussex Serv with their

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22 May

Isle Of Man TT Races 2013

Isle-Of-Man-TT-2013Yes, excellent news, it is that time of year where as a biker you must put life on hold for a week and spend every evening after work catching up on the madness that is the TT Races, our favourite time of year! I have great memories of each year sitting in the warm, in shorts even and possibly with a sneaky beverage watching the likes of John McGuiness and the Dunlops charging around the Isle of Man like a scalded cat, whilst quietly wishing we could do the same.

With pratice starting in just 3 days time, we all hope and pray for a dry and sunny week and that we will feel the thrills that we have felt in the past and that maybe, just maybe Guy Martin will get that illusive Win. As always it will be a busy week with the Race and Practice Schedule so crammed  but we all just love.

Those that are just a bit more hardcore

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18 Feb

Selling Your Motorbike

Selling Your Motorbike

Selling your bike privately can be a hassle, and advertising doesn’t come cheap these days. There are however other options out there. A private sale is the first thing that comes to mind for most people. This can indeed be rewarding but it’s never guaranteed. Most people will spend a lot of time and money without actually getting a resulting sale. In today’s busy world, time is a luxury and not many can afford to waste it. SellBike.co.uk is a bike buying website, who will buy bikes of all makes and

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31 Dec

New Years Resolutions 2011

It is that time of year where we come up with resolutions of the things we are going to do in the new year and probably succeed in – well for a day or 2 maybe :)

My family and I have recently taken up Taekwondo as a family and are all learning from scratch. For those out there that are looking to get fit, lose weight or build strength but, like me, do not like swimming lengths, jogging or gyms then this is a fantastic option! We have been doing the classes for 1 month (a free trial) and the level of excercise is really high and as you do this as a class there is a lot of working together and so you get to meet loads of people and it helps you to keep going with the excercise!

With this in mind I have decided I will as my New Years Resolution I will continue with these classes, I will also be making small changes to my diet along the lines of reducing the bread I eat at lunchtime and have soup for lunch

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07 Dec

5 Bikers Charged With Causing Death – Cleared

5 bikers clearedWe wrote earlier about a group of 5 bikers that were being charged with “Causing Death by Dangerous Driving” as one of the other bikes that were on the ride crashed and very sadly the driver and pillion (husband and wife) were both killed. It was deemed that as they were riding as a group and they had been riding quickly that the other bikers for some reason were to be responsible for the 6 bikers accident even though (by my understanding) the other bikes were not near them, or touch the bike, or be connected with the final incident.

The bikers trial was finally meant to start on Monday 16 months after the accident and so for that time they have had this hanging over them. The bikers were getting great support from the biking community on Facebook as a group had been set up with 3,300 members posting support and news. Leading up to the start date there was talk that the Judge wanted more time to look at the details of the case before the case could begin which was dragging things on more as it was delaying things.

On Monday however the Judge called the bikers in and the dismissed the charges. So yes, common sense has prevailed and the bikers are not going to be charged. This is great news as the supporters were struggling to understand how bikers that were not directly involved in the accident could be held responsible for the final accident of a rider that is in control of their own machine.

This is great news although as the bikers have all said, they still lost their good friends Helen and Dean.

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02 Dec

South America Boat Crossing on a Bike

motorcycle small boat photoA while ago we started following the new about a couple from Brighton that had jacked in the mundane life and gone for the dream by getting themselves a BMW and deciding it was time to go and ride around the world. I remember meeting Nick when he was having some final work completed on the bike before leaving. To date they have now made is across North America and are now slowly working their way across South America is what appears to be moments reminiscent of the

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01 Dec

Motorcycle Christmas Presents

christmas motorcycle presents photoYes we cannot help but notice that it is fast becoming that time of year and we are starting to be asked for Christmas present ideas. There are always some great ideas for Christmas and so we thought we would put together a list of some of the practical, fun and just plane silly ideas that you can ask for, or if you don’t make a point of not asking for then you might end up with!!!

  • Coming in a solid starter are the Motorcycle Slippers! This is a firm favourite and now with the option of the Sport bike design and only a £17 price tag this is always a winner with the die hard bikers that want to keep going all year round
  • Always a good idea for any biker is of course the heated grips. There are those that insist on trying to pretend that are too tough for heated grips

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04 Nov

EU Go Away – Leave Bikers Alone

OI EU Back Off Bikers logoAs I am sure most bikers know there is a LOT of discussion at the moment to do with the EU and their attempt to ruin life in this country a bit more by bringing in ridiculous laws targetting bikers! The 2 main messages that have been going around is that to start with they are wanting to make it LAW that all bikers have to wear a reflective item, with regards to this I am personally waiting for them to come out with the mandatory law for cyclists as well as having reflective bars on the back of all cars as I am sure that is being done at the same time as otherwise this is targeting bikers only????

The second stupid Euro rule (and more worrying) is that they are trying to put through rules that mean that bikers cannot use any after market parts on their bikes. This is a ridiculous rule in so many ways. We could start with the fact that

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04 Nov

Relationship Problems?

Have you been having relationship problems? Has your good lady been looking at you looking lost as if there was something missing? Has she been asking you lots of questions that you cant quite answer? Then this might be for you:)

biker relationship problems

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23 Oct

Ciao Marco Simoncelli

marco simoncelli photoToday in Moto GP there was a total tragedy in the death of Marco Simoncelli. He was one of the really entertaining characters in Moto GP and one of the reasons to watch, a true talent that was starting to get the results and podium spots that he was trying to get and I think he was about to have a very interesting season next year.

This was such a tragedy with what appears to be no-one to blame and just a very sad genuine accident. A star has been lost and our thoughts go out to his family and friends, it is a terrible situation. This even feels like a personal lost when you lose such a big character that was making a real difference to this sport.

You will be really missed Marco…

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20 Oct

Driving Wars New TV Show

After having seen a number of trailers last night was the first episode of the new TV show Driving Wars on Dave. This is a new show where contestants get to control a car out on the track whilst sitting inside a converted Jag that has been wired so that the sterring wheel, accelerator and brakes control the car outside. The show had 3 rounds and then a finale. Round 1 was the drivers going around a course attempting not to crashe whilst also having a giant lorry and a beach buggy driving round the course, the second round saw them trying to make a 100ft jump in a 5 series BMW and then the final round took them into what they call the “Bear Pit” where the car goes in one end of a scrapyard stlye area and have to find the exit whilst avoiding a number of vehicles designed to trash them. On every Wednesday at 9pm it is worth a try!!

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13 Oct

Best Biker Ad … probably

I was sent a link to this add this morning which challenges biker pre conceptions of the public. Even as a biker would you have done this is the questions? Carlsberg at its best…


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10 Oct

MXCP – The Motocross Challenge Project

The Motorcross Challenge Project (MCXP) is a charity based in Dover that works with children to help incentivise them to learn in a more pratical situation. This is also the place where we got to try motocross taster session that I wrote up on last week. This is a gerat mix of a fun thing to try whilst also helping to fund a worthwhile charity! Here is more information about the charity.

MXCP is a charity based not for profit registered organisation in Dover offering an alternative way to educate and motivate young people by teaching themmechanics and off-road riding.

The project’s core aim is to raise safe awareness of off road motorcycling and for young people to come along and try motocross. It was established 11 years ago anduses the incentive of motocross to encourage young people to develop theirskills

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